Enabling growth and innovation – a world of opportunities for Australia’s international education sector

Wednesday 4 May 2016


To support the implementation of Australia’s first ever National Strategy for International Education 2025, the Australian Government as part of the 2016‑17 Budget has committed $12 million over four years.

This funding will enable us to undertake projects in a range of areas by increasing opportunities for the sector to grow and diversify, such as enhancing the employability of international students; piloting innovative education delivery and borderless education models; undertaking further international education research to inform better policy and practice; raising community awareness of the benefits international students bring to Australia – socially, culturally and economically; and further enhancing our reputation for quality student living and learning experiences.

Through the National Strategy we will ensure that Australia remains competitive in attracting international students and is positioned to sustainably grow its share of the global international education market.

An important part of the implementation of the National Strategy will be our overseas education activities, targeted through the department’s network of overseas based education counsellors.

Austrade’s Australian International Education 2025 market development roadmap complements the National Strategy and will assist in positioning to Australia to capitalise on new opportunities and markets over the next decade.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Australia Global Alumni Engagement Strategy will seek to leverage our global alumni to promote Australia’s diplomatic, trade and investment interests.

Together, these international education strategies will help Australia build on our strengths in education service delivery and ensure Australia remains a destination of choice for international students into the future.

More information is available on the National Strategy for International Education website.