Complete your online assessment now to receive the new Child Care Subsidy

Tuesday 10 April 2018


Australia will have a New Child Care Package from 2 July 2018 when the Child Care Subsidy replaces the Child Care Rebate and Child Care Benefit.

Families who intend to use child care from 2 July 2018 will need to complete a Child Care Subsidy assessment online through their myGov account, to ensure they continue to receive child care fee assistance from 2 July 2018. The new Child Care Subsidy will be paid directly to child care providers on a family’s behalf.

Throughout April, Centrelink will be writing to all families currently receiving Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate with instructions on completing their online assessment.

Recent updates to the Consumer Price Index have seen the hourly rate caps, and annual cap amounts increase, as well as the income thresholds that determine a family’s subsidy percentage. The new amounts, which will apply from 2 July 2018, are available here new child care package overview factsheet, and will be adjusted due to indexation annually.

More information on transitioning to the new Child care Subsidy is available at