Adult Migrant English Program Innovative Projects Fund 2017-18

Tuesday 17 April 2018


The Innovative Projects fund was established to assist Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) service providers in trialling innovative service delivery ideas that seek to improve client outcomes. AMEP service providers were invited to submit proposals through a competitive round where additional funds may be awarded to trial, measure and evaluate their innovative project.

The following projects have been awarded funding through this round.

Service Provider

Project Name

South Metropolitan TAFE

AMEP Clients: How to recognise your existing skills and how to gain new skills in Australia

This project provides assistance for AMEP clients to navigate the Australian system of recognised prior learning and how to articulate their skills in and Australian work environment. This project will be piloted in Perth with a final document to be provided for use by all AMEP service providers.

North Metropolitan TAFE

“In Australia I will be…” Teaching AMEP students the art of positive storytelling to empower them for training and employment opportunities

Storytelling and the ability to speak confidently about oneself is an important tool in settlement to Australia. This project seeks to work closely with AMEP clients to develop a collaborative presentation highlighting the client’s story including background and future aspirations in Australia. A podcast will also be developed.

North Metropolitan TAFE

START! – Tailored migrant start-up business sessions

This project will deliver practical and tailored information sessions to interested AMEP clients on how to start a business in Australia and the processes involved. The project highlights the real nature of entrepreneurship within the migrant community and will allow them to receive relevant information and skills to build confidence in starting their own business in Australia.

Learning For Employment

AMEP EAL Framework Task Bank

This project aims to develop an initial assessment task bank for curriculums other than CSWE in alignment with the ACSF. By developing this suite of assessment tasks they will be assisting in the change of business model implemented 1 July 2017. These assessment tasks will be able to be used by all service providers and will be added to the suite already in development relating to CSWE.

AMES Australia

Employment Matters

This project is aimed at providing a targeted employment strategy to AMEP clients in regional and remote areas. The project will pilot a 3 programs in regional Victoria to assist AMEP clients to be matched with job vacancies in their area and build on their own strengths to establish sustainable employment. Clients will be mentored throughout the program to support their development. A Community of Practice will be established to share knowledge and ongoing facilitation practices and resources.

Melbourne Polytechnic

SLPET Alumni

The purpose of this project is to establish an Alumni of former SLPET students. A database of previous and current SLPET students will be created to allow connections to be made for future opportunities beyond the ordinary teacher student relationship.


Digital Literacy for accessing government services online

As digital literacy becomes more important to the settlement of new migrants and humanitarian entrants so too is the need for knowledge in this sector. This project seeks to pilot the education of digital access for AMEP clients with focus on specific websites and resources through an integrated curriculum and ongoing practical program.


AMEP Youth Mentoring Program

This project aims to provide a structured and trusting relationship between AMEP youth clients in the Southbank area and members of the local community engaged in community, youth and counselling services or other related fields. This program will pilot an engagement program specifically designed to assist young AMEP clients and provide support and guidance through a youth specific mentoring program.

Further information regarding the AMEP can be found on the AMEP webpage.