2017 Australia-Vietnam Researcher Exchange Program (AVREP)

Tuesday 13 June 2017


Fourteen Australian and Vietnamese researchers have been selected to participate in the 2017 Australia-Vietnam Researcher Exchange Program (AVREP). The exchanges, which will take place between June and December 2017, will enable the researchers to visit and collaborate with their partners to develop joint research projects in Agriculture, Health, Environmental Science, and Marine Science. These are the priority disciplines that have been identified in the Action Plan under the Agreement on Science and Technological Cooperation between Vietnam and Australia ratified in 2014.

AVREP is an initiative of the Department of Education and Training supported by the Australian Ambassador to Vietnam. This initiative aims to promote and strengthen the bilateral science and innovation partnerships at the institutional and researcher-level. Each AVREP exchange consists of a visit to Vietnam by the Australian researcher and a reciprocal visit by the Vietnamese partner researcher to Australia.

Three Vietnamese researchers who are Australia Awards alumni are funded by DFAT under the Australia Global Alumni Strategy.

Stories about the exchanges will be available on Australia in Vietnam in the coming months.

Australian Researcher Vietnamese Researcher Project

Dr Long Chu

Australian National University

Dr Khoi Dang*

Institute of Policy & Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development

The model of 'new-style cooperative' as a solution for Vietnam's food quality in the agricultural bilateral trade with Australia

Prof Sagadevan Mundree

Queensland University of Technology

Dr Ho Thanh Binh*

An Giang University

Technical and economic assessment of pre-feasibility for the adoption of new mung bean varieties into the cropping system of An Giang province

Dr Thomas Wanner

University of Adelaide

Dr Tran Nam Thang

Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry

REDD+, forest governance and community-based natural resource management in Vietnam

Dr Rita Henderson

University of New South Wales

A/Prof Doan Thi Thai Yen

Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Growth and separation of microalgae as a feedstock for high value products and biofuel

A/Prof Kirsten Benkendorff

Southern Cross University

Mr Nguyen Hao Quang

Nha Trang University

The application of remote sensing technologies and geographic information system (GIS) to marine ecology and resource management

Dr Andrew M Fischer

University of Tasmania

Ms Le Tran Duy Phuc

VNU HCMC University of Science

Understanding the relationship between natural/human factors and harmful algal bloom (HAB) development through multidisciplinary observations

Prof Andy Lee

Curtin University

Dr Chung Thanh Nguyen*

National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology

Digital intervention to prevent diabetes for Vietnamese adults

* Australia Awards alumnus