New Child Care IT System


From 2 July 2018, a new Child Care IT System will provide a simple and easy to user interface for families and child care providers.

Child Care IT System

From 2 July 2018, a new Child Care IT System (CCITS) will provide a simple and easy to use interface for families and child care services. The new CCITS will support the New Child Care Package and is being developed collaboratively by the Departments of Education and Training, Human Services, and Social Services.

Benefits of the new Child Care IT System

Major benefits of the new CCITS include:

  • reduced administrative and regulatory burden for child care providers
  • enhanced access to information for families and child care providers
  • improved compliance functionality, including identifying child care providers engaging in high risk behaviours, to reduce incidences of overpayment and non-compliance.

Families Portal

From July 2018, families will be able to use the new CCITS to interact with Government through a new Families Portal. Families will be able to access public information on the Child Care Subsidy and assess their eligibility for assistance. The location of child care providers and information on vacancies in child care services will also be accessible.

The Families Portal will also provide a secure environment for families to make Child Care Subsidy claims, view the status of their claims as well as enrolment and attendance details submitted to the Government by child care services.

Third party software

Third party software will still be used to access the new CCITS. The new CCITS will also include a Provider Access Point to access information or apply for approval under Family Assistance Law. The Provider Access Point will not provide the additional functionality that many registered third party software products will continue to provide. The Provider Access Point is likely to be accessed by only a small number of child care operators.

Software registration for the new CCITS will be available in the lead up to the July 2018 implementation. A list of registered CCMS software is available from the Department of Education and Training website.

Technical specifications, testing and registration processes for third party software providers will be made available on the Department of Education and Training's website as they are released.

Community Grants Hub – Child Care Grant Programs

The Community Grants Hub will be available from 2 July 2018. Child care providers will be able to use the Community Grants Hub to access child care grant programs under the New Child Care Package, including the Community Child Care Fund. The existing Inclusion Support Portal will be modified to also support child care providers to make claims.

Child care providers will continue to be supported through dedicated help desk facilities for service and technical issues.


A range of information resources are available to assist providers understand the details of the new Child Care IT System, including the New Child Care IT System – Fact Sheet.