National reporting for RTOs

National reporting of vocational education and training (VET) activity involves registered training organisations (RTOs) collecting data on all nationally recognised training activity and the reporting of this data to the National VET Provider Collection.

This reporting requirement applies to all training organisations that are registered to deliver nationally recognised training by the Australian Skills Quality Authority, the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority or the Training Accreditation Council Western Australia.  

The National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy outlines the requirements on RTOs in collecting and reporting their nationally recognised training to the National VET Provider Collection.

View the full National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy on the national reporting – policy, legislation and standards page.

All RTOs are required to collect Total VET Activity, training data, including new enrolments, re-enrolments and completions, for reporting by February the following year, as part of their RTO registration requirements.

Reporting of Total VET Activity serves a number of purposes and provides benefits across the national training system. It will:

  • enable individuals to access transcripts that show any nationally recognised training undertaken through links with the Unique Student Identifier
  • provide details about RTOs and courses on the My Skills website to assist students and businesses to make informed training choices
  • enhance understanding of the training market and assist RTOs with planning training delivery
  • inform risk-based regulation of RTOs by VET regulators and establish benchmarks for continuous improvement in the VET sector
  • improve industry, business and governments’ understanding of where and when skills are being developed to assist workforce planning
  • provide a better understanding of training efforts across Australia to assist with the development of policy and assessing interventions.

View information on the policy, legislative and standards associated with national VET reporting.

National reporting of Total VET Activity must be in accordance with the Australian Vocational Education and training Management Information Statistical Standard (AVETMISS).

The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) is a not-for-profit company responsible for vocational education and training. Its responsibilities include collecting, managing, analysing, evaluating and communicating research and statistics about VET activity nationally.

View AVETMISS technical information and the NCVER website for information on AVETMISS and data submission arrangements.

Data provided by RTOs contributes to the National VET Provider Collection, which is the principal source of information on training activity across Australia, the students undertaking it and the courses being delivered. Reporting AVETMISS data will mean a reduction in the amount of data that an RTO would separately be required to provide to their regulator or to governments on an ad hoc basis.


A review is currently being undertaken of the National VET Provider Collection Data Requirements Policy. For more information about the review and the public consultations please follow the following link to the review site.