National Occasional Care Programme

Under the Better Child Care and Early Learning framework, the Australian Government made a commitment to reinstate the funding for the National Occasional Care (NOC) programme (formerly known as the Neighbourhood Model Occasional Child Care programme).

The Australian Government committed to reinstate funding from 1 July 2014 to participating state and territory governments upon their agreement to making a 45 per cent co contribution as per previous arrangements. The programme is currently operating in Victoria and South Australia.

NOC provides Australian Government funding for non-Child Care Benefit ( CCB ) approved occasional care services.

Occasional Care is centre-based child care that supports families by providing flexible care for children. Families can access occasional care regularly on a sessional basis, or irregularly. Occasional Care allows the flexibility to leave children for short periods of time in an early childhood learning environment to socialise and interact with other children.

The National Occasional Care programme is in addition to support the Government provides for families using approved Occasional Child Care.