National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

The 2016 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) will be held on Friday, 18 March.

The NDA is Australia’s largest anti-bullying event for schools and provides the opportunity for schools and students to promote their own anti-bullying messages and programmes to their community.

Schools across Australia are invited to register for the sixth annual National Day of Action. In 2015, over 890,000 students participated in a range of activities held in schools to mark the NDA. This year, the NDA is encouraging more students and schools to ‘take a stand’ against bullying and violence in their school community.

By participating in the NDA, schools, students, teachers and parents can proactively:

  • support the key message that bullying and violence at school are not okay at any time
  • run their own activities that foster respectful inclusive school-communities
  • utilise lesson plans and other resources provided on the Bullying. No Way! website. 

Schools that take part in the NDA are encouraged to share their plans with their school community to encourage participation and send a clear message that bullying and violence, in or outside the classroom, are not okay.

Schools are encouraged to show their support by registering now at the Bullying. No Way! website.

A range of resources are available for schools, parents and educators on the Bullying. No Way! website.

These include:

  • Stand Together lesson plans for teachers
  • Fact sheets and class activities
  • Helpful tips and information for parents

The NDA is managed by the Safe and Supportive School Communities (SSSC) Working Group and is an initiative of all Australian education ministers.

A range of other resources to support safety and wellbeing for whole school communities are available for schools, parents, students and educators on the Student Wellbeing Hub.