National Career Education Strategy

The Australian Government committed to develop a National Career Education Strategy, under Quality Schools, to prepare students for life beyond school and for the jobs of the future.

Future Ready: A student focused National Career Education Strategy

Future Ready: A student focused National Career Education Strategy was developed in collaboration with a national group that brought together the voices of education, business and industry, parents and carers, career practitioners and youth. The strategy was endorsed by the COAG Education Council in February 2019.

To prepare students for their future careers, Future Ready focuses on the importance of building the skills and general capabilities they will need in the workplace; strengthening school and employer collaboration; and developing students' career management and navigation skills.

The vision of Future Ready is that every student in every school has access to high‑quality career education to help them make a successful transition from school to further education, training, work or a combination of these.

The high-level style of the strategy is designed to allow flexibility in its use by the broadest range of stakeholders, including school systems, school leaders and teachers, parents and communities, industry and individual employers.

The strategy focuses on improving career education in schools by:

  • building teacher and school leader capability
  • supporting parents and carers in their important role in these conversations
  • encouraging collaboration between industry and schools.

To bring the strategy to life, a number of projects supported by the Australian Government have commenced in partnership with state and territory education departments, business and industry and career education groups. Projects include:

  • resources including good practice case studies that show innovative career education in practice and toolkits to support development of school and industry partnerships.

Further information about these projects and resources will be available on the website over the coming months.

Download the strategy:

Future Ready: A student focused National Career Education Strategy


The following is a list of all the resources that are associated with National Career Education Strategy.


  1. Review of the Australian Curriculum Final Report

    Created: 10 October 2014

    The final report of the Review of the Australian Curriculum

  2. Review of the Australian Curriculum Supplementary Material

    Created: 10 October 2014

    Supplementary material to the Review of the Australian Curriculum Final Report

  3. Review of the Australian Curriculum – Initial Australian Government Response

    Created: 10 October 2014

    The Australian Government's initial response to the Review of the Australian Curricuum

  4. Strategic Commissioned Projects Funded by the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching

    Created: 20 July 2016

    A list of OLT Strategic Commissioned Projects 2012-2016

  5. Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group- Issues Paper

    Created: 28 February 2017

    Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group - Issues Paper

  6. Teacher Effectiveness Systems, Frameworks and Measures: A Review

    Created: 17 March 2017

    The report presents the findings of research on international approaches to measuring teacher effectiveness and their applicability to Australia.

  7. Teaching Practice Evaluation Framework

    Created: 20 January 2020

    A report providing guidance to support the implementation of teacher evaluation systems in schools.

  8. The Impact Management Planning and Evaluation Ladder (IMPEL)

    Created: 2 August 2016

    Project management resource

  9. Writing an award-winning account of your teaching practice

    Created: 20 July 2016

    Project management resource