Mapping Professional Accreditation in Australian Higher Education


In 2016 the Department of Education and Training commissioned consultants PhillipsKPA Pty Ltd to examine the extent and scope of professional course accreditation practices in Australian higher education.

The final report "Professional Accreditation: Mapping the territory" will inform work being undertaken by the Higher Education Standards Panel to provide advice to the Minister for Education and Training on the impact of professional accreditation on Australian higher education and opportunities that may exist to reduce regulatory burden for higher education providers.

The report examines a range of dimensions including the scope of professional accreditation arrangements, the practical impact on institutional operations, the perceived advantages and disadvantages (from the point of view of institutions, the profession, employers, and students), and the effect of professional accreditation on innovation in course design.

The report also considers how professional accreditation requirements interact with the requirements of the Higher Education Standards Framework.

The perspectives and views of higher education providers on their engagement with professional accrediting bodies and of accrediting bodies about their interactions with education providers were important features of the project.