Teaching Practice Evaluation Framework

This content was published on Thursday 27 February 2020. There may be more recent updates available.

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The Australian Government commissioned the Centre for Program Evaluation at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education to prepare the Teaching Practice Evaluation Framework.

The framework provides guidance to support the implementation of teacher evaluation systems which promote professional growth in schools. It guides users in the selection of appropriate teacher evaluation tools through consideration of a range of aspects associated with effective evaluation practices.

The framework operationalises the findings of two prior projects: Teacher Effectiveness Systems, Frameworks and Measures: A Review and Key Characteristics of Effective Teachers: A Systematic Review.

Research suggests supporting teachers to evaluate their effectiveness can be an effective way to promote professional growth and continuous improvement in teaching practice.

The report guides educators through the decision-making processes involved in developing fit-for-purpose approaches to teacher evaluation. It is designed to assist educators and leaders to implement appropriate and effective evaluative practices in schools, by encouraging step-by-step consideration of:

  • school and teacher readiness for evaluation
  • the purpose and scope of evaluating teacher effectiveness
  • evaluation tools that facilitate improvement in teaching practice
  • ways to implement evaluation information, data and findings.