Jobs for Families Child Care Package


As announced in the 2016-17 Federal Budget, the Australian Government will invest around $40 billion on child care support over the next four years. This significant investment includes an increase of more than $3 billion to support the implementation of the Jobs for Families Child Care Package. The package will provide greater choice for more than 1.2 million families by delivering a simpler, more affordable, more flexible and more accessible child care system.

The key elements of the Jobs for Families Child Care Package are:

  • The Child Care Subsidy
    • Commencing in July 2018, the new Child Care Subsidy will replace the current Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate with a single, means-tested payment.
  • The Child Care Safety Net
    • With some elements commencing in July 2016, the Child Care Safety Net will provide targeted assistance for disadvantaged communities and vulnerable and at-risk children and their families to ensure they get a strong start while supporting parents to enter the workforce.

The package represents the Government’s response to recommendations from the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Child Care and Early Childhood Learning, which took into account a wide range of input from families, service providers, early childhood education professionals and businesses.

Jobs for Families Child Care Package Fact Sheets

These fact sheets have been updated to reflect 2016 Budget announcements.