International student study locations in Australia

Map of Australia showing the locations where international students on a student visa are studying.

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Considerations for interpreting this data

  • The data captures the location where a student is enrolled not where a student lives.
  • The data shows the current locations where the student is enrolled. If a student has studied at another location in the past, the previous location will not be shown.
  • Student enrolment counts of less than five for a particular nationality at a particular location are not included in the data for privacy reasons.
  • Markers are clustered together as circles with location counts to simplify the map. Zooming will further separate these marker clusters depending on the zoom level. When the markers are clustered, the numbers displayed show the location count in the cluster, not the number of student enrolments.
  • Further information is available in the explanatory notes for data relating to international students studying in Australia.

Handy hints

  • A heatmap, showing the concentration of enrolments, and a location map, showing the concentration of provider locations can be displayed using the icons on the top left of the map.
  • The metropolitan/regional button displays the metropolitan/regional areas as different colours. The definition of metropolitan/regional is taken from the ABS Remoteness definition.
  • Data can be broken down by sector and nationality by using the drop-down selections.


Department of Education, PRISMS