Indigenous Australian Government Development Programme (IAGDP)

The Department of Education and Training is engaging in the 2016-17 Indigenous Australian Government Development Program (IAGDP) The IAGDP is an entry-level employment and development program for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are interested in working in the Australian Public Service (APS).The program is run by the Department of Employment

The IAGDP is a well-established program that was awarded the 2014 APS Diversity Council Award for Indigenous Employment.  This award recognises the program’s significant contribution to improving employment opportunities, experiences and outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in the Australian Public Service (APS).

The IAGDP is a 15 month program that combines ongoing employment with structured learning and aims to increase the representation of Indigenous Australians working in the Australian government.

The program provides support to participants along with a competitive remuneration package.

The program includes three main components:

  • a diploma-level qualification
  • full-time work experience and on-the-job-training
  • other learning and development opportunities.

Successful participants commence work in an APS Agency at the APS 3 level (or equivalent) and need to complete each of these three components to successfully complete the program. After successfully completing the program, participants continue to work in a permanent full-time position in their APS Agency and may be advanced to the APS 4 level (or equivalent).

As APS employees, participants’ conditions of employment are determined by their APS agency’s enterprise agreement. All Australian Public Service employees are also governed by the APS Values, Employment Principles and Code of Conduct.

IAGDP participants will also need to follow the conditions of employment outlined in the IAGDP Guidelines.

Positions may be available in Canberra, some state capital cities and large regional centres.

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