Inclusion Support Program (ISP)

The Inclusion Support Program (ISP) commenced on 1 July 2016.

The ISP assists Early Childhood and Child Care (ECCC) services to build their capacity and capability to include children with additional needs in mainstream services; providing them with an opportunity to learn and develop alongside their typically developing peers.

Managing the program

To ensure the Inclusion Support Program is delivered consistently across the country, the Department has contracted seven Inclusion Agencies (IAs) and one Inclusion Development Fund  Manager (IDFM).

Inclusion Agencies (IA)

There is one IA for each state and territory, except for New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, which is serviced by a single IA.

Agencies will work with eligible ECCC services to assist them with increasing and improving their ability to include children with additional needs.

Inclusion Development Fund (IDF)

The IDF provides funding to assist eligible ECCC services to address a barrier to inclusion that cannot be resolved by support provided by an IA.

Inclusion Development Fund Manager (IDFM)

The IDFM ensures Inclusion Development Fund is managed fairly Australia wide. This is achieved by applying a consistent approach to assessing funding applications and communicating outcomes to services.

Information on how to contact your IA/the IDFM.

Inclusion Support Portal

The Inclusion Support (IS) Portal is a user-friendly, simplified web-based application that is used by child care services to interact with the ISP. It provides step-by-step help for services to develop an online Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP) and apply for funding through the Inclusion Development Fund.

Accessing the IS Portal

Information on accessing the IS Portal can be found in the Inclusion Support Portal Information webpage and in the ISP User Guide.

Once access has been granted, users can log into the portal from the Inclusion Support Portal Information webpage.

Inclusion Support Portal changing to PRODA

It has now been confirmed that the authentication method for accessing the Inclusion Support Portal will be changing from AUSkey to PRODA early in 2020.

The department will support the transition of ISP stakeholders to the new authentication arrangements.

We expect to provide advice and support to Inclusion Support Portal users in advance of the changes.

Further information

Stakeholders and ECCC services can read more about the program, including its objectives and types of support available, in the ISP Guidelines.

The department is reviewing the ISP Guidelines and is currently considering stakeholder feedback from the public consultation period from 16 October 2019 until 11 November 2019. The consultation draft of the ISP Guidelines is now available.

The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents are also available:

Inclusion Support Program – Transition to the New Child Care Package was developed to provide information for services about the transition process.

Contact information

To contact the Department about the Inclusion Support Program, please email: