How SEE helps job seekers

Issues like poor literacy, numeracy or language skills can impact on a job seekers confidence to succeed in the workplace or a classroom environment. For many job seekers, building self‑confidence will boost their capacity to take up jobs or further training.

There are many potential benefits for job seekers participating in training through the SEE program. Some of these benefits are:

  • overall improvement in language, literacy and numeracy skills
  • improved confidence and ability to engage in the community
  • increased confidence to undertake further study
  • obtaining new or improved vocational skills for further study or employment
  • develop pathways to employment
  • ability to gain more stable, appropriate, long-term employment

The below articles highlight specific examples of how job seekers have benefited from participating in the SEE program.

A Students Success Story

Although Kristy was rather confident of her language, literacy and numeracy skills, a Pre‑Training Assessment showed that she could benefit from some improvements and support. For the full story on how her experience with the SEE programme helped her to achieved her goals and successfully undertake a total career change and gain employment read the full article, A Students Success Story.