How to search this site

This website has been designed to allow you to find the information you are looking for quickly and easily, just by using the search.

To get the most out of the site, use as many key words as you can. Using single words, or common phrases will get you a lot of results, but they might not be what you are after.

Instead of early childhood, try early childhood training programmes.

Refining results

Most searches on this site will provide you with filters to help you refine the results down specifically for you. Just click on the filters that are most relevant to you and the content will automatically change.

Special searches

If there is a term or a name that you specifically need to search for, you can use quotes to search for an exact match. So a search for portfolio budget may get different results than “portfolio budget.” This is because “portfolio budget” will look for the two words together, while portfolio budget just looks for content with both portfolio and budget.

If you have trouble with the search on this site, please let us know.

Searching for documents

The default search will let you find content on the site, but if you are after a particular document you can use the resources search page.