Higher Education Standards Panel Research Fellowship


To support the work of the Higher Education Standards Panel (the Panel), the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) is providing funding for a single National Senior Teaching Fellowship.


Work of the Panel Research Fellow

The Higher Education Standards Panel Research Fellowship has been awarded to Emeritus Professor Christine Ewan.

Emeritus Professor Christine Ewan commenced her Fellowship in August 2014. Her Fellowship program title is National consensus on higher education standards in a disaggregated learning environment.

If you have any queries, please contact the Higher Education Standards Panel Research Fellow.

OLT Research Fellow – Request for Information

In light of the responses received by November 2014, the feedback gathered in workshops and discussions with stakeholder groups, further issues have been identified, and stakeholders are requested for further input.

Further request for information and suggestions

On 2 September 2014, The Higher Education Standards Panel Research Fellow requested input to the review of emerging trends in educational delivery and the implications for future setting of standards for higher education.

The focus of the task commissioned by the Higher Education Standards Panel and the Office of Learning and Teaching was on the development of a national consensus, informed by existing national and international practice, on the ways in which institutions can demonstrate to themselves and the regulator that their engagement in disaggregated and distributed models of student participation and delivery for award courses meets the proposed Higher Education Standards Framework.

Initial request for information and suggestions

Emeritus Professor Christine Ewan

Emeritus Professor Christine Ewan

Christine Ewan is an Emeritus Professor of the University of Wollongong. She has been a Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic at University of Western Sydney and a Pro Vice-Chancellor Academic and Dean at the University of Wollongong. In these roles she was responsible for strategic planning, faculty performance, academic quality assurance and teaching and learning support and infrastructure.

Christine led the Learning and Teaching Academics Standards project at the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, involving academic institutions and teachers, professional bodies, accreditation bodies, employers and graduates in the development of minimum threshold learning outcomes for tertiary disciplines. She has been a Senior Executive in the NSW Department of Education and Training and as a Key Associate of PhilipsKPA, she has been involved in a number of significant consultancies. She also has extensive experience over 20 years in state and federal peak bodies and advisory committees around education policy.