Stakeholder Consultation - Call for Comment Number Three (April 2014)

Fact sheet

Proposed Higher Education Standards Framework

In April 2014, the Higher Education Standards Panel invited feedback on the complete proposed revised standards Framework (except in relation to Provider Category Standards) which incorporated all of the feedback from previous consultations. The Panel received 87 submissions in response to the Call for Comment three.

A stakeholder Information Session for clarification and initial feedback took place on 14 May 2014. A Q&A session was held as part of the Information Session and a report on the session as well as the Panel Chair's presentation are available to download.

The Panel released a response to the feedback on the third Call for Comment in Communique 12.

Information Session

A stakeholder information session was held by the Higher Education Standards Panel (the Panel) on Wednesday 14 May 2014. This information session was an opportunity for stakeholders to gain clarification and seek initial feedback from the Panel on the Proposed Higher Education Standards Framework. A Q&A session was held as part of the Information Session.


Consultation documents:

Background information:

Please note

The background information is not part of the consultation documentation; it is a resource for those who are interested in how the proposed Framework compares to existing requirements.

The Panel does not regulate the higher education sector. Please continue to liaise with TEQSA in relation to TEQSA's interpretation and application of the current Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2011 for regulatory purposes.