27. Waiving tuition fees

A provider must ensure that fee-paying students are charged tuition fees [HESA section 169-15] and cannot waive the tuition fees for these students. The provider must report to the department the tuition fee charged for units of study undertaken as part of the course of study (see part 37.1) [HESA section 19‑95]. The only exception to this requirement is if a student is an exempt student [HESA subsection 169-15(2)]. One basis on which a student is an exempt student is if the provider has awarded the student an exemption scholarship for the course (see part 13.1) [HESA section 169-20(3)].

27.1 - Fee scholarships

A provider may award students fee scholarships to pay all or part of their tuition fees. However, the provider must report the full tuition fee (including the value of the scholarship) that is charged for that unit. The value of these scholarships is not included as income under income tests for social security payments, including Youth Allowance, Austudy, veteran affairs’ pensions and allowances [Social Security Act 1991 subsection 8(8)] and ABSTUDY [ABSTUDY Policy Manual section 59.5.3].