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This support is important as the sector makes a fundamental contribution to the future of Australia and our intellectual, economic, cultural and social development. The sector:

  • educates our future workforce
  • develops our future leaders
  • provides jobs for Australians
  • facilitates cultural and trade links with other countries
  • plays a key role in the growing knowledge and innovation based economy of Australia.

Australian Government budget information

For information about higher education measures announced in past federal budgets, please go to education.gov.au

2019 Regional University Centres

On 29 April 2019, the Government announced an additional $15 million to establish a further five Regional University Centres (formerly known as Regional Study Hubs), as part of its Plan for Regional Australia. This brings the total investment in the Regional University Centres program to $53.2...

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Higher Education

The Australian Government seeks to ensure that all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have the desire and capability to participate in higher education are able to do so and are supported to succeed.

Access and Participation

The department is working to ensure that all people with the desire and capability to attend university have the opportunity to do so, and succeed in their studies, regardless of their background. ...

Destination Australia

The aim of the Destination Australia Program is to attract and support international and domestic students to study in regional Australia, to grow and develop regional Australian tertiary education providers and offer students a high quality learning experience.


Higher education is integral to the long term success of Australia’s intellectual and economic development. 

HELP and other Information

The Australian Government provides financial assistance to students through the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP), which consists of five different loan schemes.

HERI Budget Overview 18-19

The Australian Government is committed to enhancing the sustainability, transparency and accountability of the sector while ensuring that student support is targeted to deliver the best outcomes for students.

Higher Education Disability Support Program

The Disability Support Program provides funding to eligible higher education providers to undertake activities that assist in removing barriers to access for students with disability.

Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP)

The Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) aims to ensure that Australians from low SES backgrounds who have the ability to study at university have the opportunity to do so. It provides funding to assist universities listed in Table A of the Higher Education Support Act...

Higher Education Publications

The Higher Education Report is part of a suite of publications which report on the Australian higher education sector.

Higher Education Statistics

The Department of Education Research and Economic Group is responsible for the collection and dissemination of statistics relating to the provision of higher education at all Australian institutions.

Learning and Teaching

The Australian Government promotes and supports the enhancement of learning and teaching in eligible higher education institutions through the Australian Awards for University Teaching and Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers Program. From 2018 the Australian Awards for...

Quality and Legislative Frameworks

The Government supports a number of programs that enhance and reward the quality and reputation of higher education in Australia.

Regional University Centres (formerly known as Regional Study Hubs)

The Regional University Centres program initially funded as part of the 2018-19 Budget measure, with $16.7 million provided to support eight study centres under the ‘Improved Support for Regional Universities’ initiative.

Reviews and Consultations

The department conducts periodic reviews of higher education policy, and undertakes consultation with the higher education sector on a range of issues.

Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships

The Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships Program supports students with the costs of studying at university or at a vocational education and training institution. The scholarships are valued at up to $18,000 each and are available to support students studying for six months full-time or up...

The Higher Education Standards Panel (HESP)

The Higher Education Standards Panel (HESP) is an expert statutory advisory body, established under the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Act 2011, (TEQSA Act), with responsibility related to the standards for delivery of higher education in Australia.