Foundation Skills Assessment Tool

The Department of Education and Training has released an interactive online Foundation Skills Assessment Tool (FSAT) to identify and measure an individual’s foundation skill levels (English language, literacy and numeracy skills as well as employability skills).

Release of enhanced functionality tool to measure an individual’s foundation skill levels

The 2016 Foundation Skills Assessment Tool (FSAT) is now available for use. Funded by the Department of Education and Training, FSAT is an interactive online tool designed to identify and measure an individual’s foundation skill levels (English language, literacy and numeracy skills as well as employability skills). These skills are fundamental to participation in the workforce, the community and in adult education and training.

The department is currently working with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) to finalise and validate the Tool. Users such as registered training organisations (RTOs) are invited to use the tool as it is refined ahead of full implementation.

This version of the FSAT has enhanced functionality as all assessable core skills are now available, along with results and reports being available immediately for all automatically scored online delivered assessments. The offline assessed components (e.g. speaking and writing) are also available for use along with their marking guides, and results can be entered into the online system alongside the auto-scored assessments.

The What FSAT can do for you fact sheet provides additional information on FSAT and the benefits of using the tool.

How to access and use FSAT

The registration manual provides information on how to register your organisation for an FSAT account. It should be read prior to proceeding with registration.

FSAT can be accessed via the following link:

On first accessing this page, relevant organisations will be asked to complete a registration process. As part of this process, they will be asked to agree to the applicable Terms and Conditions. Once registration is confirmed, organisations will be able to generate log-ins for test candidates. They will also be able to access a range of user support materials.

On first logging in, test users will be asked to create a new password, complete demographic information, declare that they will complete all tests without external assistance, accept privacy and copyright conditions and consent to the sharing of certain personal information in clearly-defined circumstances.

The FSAT Quick Start Guide provides initial advice on how to use FSAT. Organisations that have successfully completed the registration process for FSAT have access to additional and more detailed resources whenever they are logged in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about how FSAT can assist stakeholders and to understand important conditions and caveats regarding its use during its further development.


This enhanced functionality version of FSAT is currently subject to a final validation process.

The results generated from this version of the FSAT are based on professional judgements of the tasks and questions levels only, and should be only considered indicative of an individual’s foundation skills. Results should not be considered as necessarily valid, reliable and accurate estimates of an individual’s foundation skills to be used in conjunction with applications for funding for candidates based on their core skill levels measured against the Australian Core Skills Framework or the Core Skills for Work Developmental Framework.

This second release of FSAT aims to collect sufficient data of learner performance across all online assessed core skills in order to undertake a full psychometric analysis of the performance of the assessment questions and to fully review and validate the FSAT prior to the release of the final version of the tool which will provide much more accurate results.

With respect to the results generated from the FSAT, both ACER and the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training (i) makes no representation, warranty or guarantee of any kind without limitation as to their accuracy or suitability; and (ii) does not accept responsibility or legal liability for any errors or omissions. If you or a third party place any reliance on the results during this validation process, you do so at your own risk.

Further information on when FSAT can and should not be used is available in the Frequently Asked Questions