Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers Program


Enhancing the Training of Mathematics and Science Teachers Program is driving a major improvement in the quality of mathematics and science teachers by supporting new pre-service programs in which faculties, schools or departments of science, mathematics and education collaborate on course design and delivery, combining content and pedagogy so that mathematics and science are taught as dynamic, forward-looking and collaborative human endeavours. The program was established in response to recommendations from Professor Ian Chubb, AC, Australia’s Chief Scientist, in his 2012 report Mathematics, Engineering and Science: in the national interest.

Program funding is $12 million over three calendar years 2014 to 2016. Program funding is fully committed to a number of significant projects.

The program has nine priorities. Program and project formative evaluation has emphasised the importance of actions responding to Priorities 1 and 3; such actions also help in responding to all other priorities.

  1. Collaboration between faculties, schools or departments of science, mathematics and education which will produce teachers who have a contemporary and dynamic view of science that can inspire students
  2. Increasing the supply of graduates by, among other strategies:
    • Attracting pre-service teachers from a wider pool, for example, candidates with doctoral qualifications
    • Increasing retention rates of existing pre-service teachers
  3. Curriculum arrangements that give pre-service teachers of science and mathematics a new vision of how mathematical and scientific content, thinking and pedagogy can work together
  4. Increasing the supply of graduates with an ability to manage this balance
  5. Developing teachers' capabilities to engage middle years students, whether primary or secondary, in relevant and rigorous science and mathematics learning, including inculcating an understanding of how scientific and mathematical knowledge are created
  6. Developing particular capabilities for working effectively with students from diverse backgrounds
  7. Developing commitment to, and particular capabilities for, working in regional, remote and Indigenous communities
  8. With the support of employers, including state education departments, retraining suitably qualified professionals/teachers to expand the pool of teachers with a contemporary view of mathematics, science and pedagogy
  9. Encouraging mathematics, science and education faculties, schools or departments to build long-term relationships with teachers to ensure their knowledge and skills are kept up to date.

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