English Language Teaching International Engagement Strategy 2025

International education is an important part of Australia’s economy. Last year nearly 700,000 international students studying in Australia contributed $35.2 billion dollars to the Australian economy, and generated more than 240,000 jobs. The Australian Government supports international education through the National Strategy for International Education 2025.

The English language teaching sector is an integral part of Australia’s international education sector. Every year tens of thousands of international students undertake stand-alone English language study, while many more undertake English language learning as a pathway to further study.

Last year more than 750,000 international students studied in Australia, with international students contributing $37.6 billion to the Australian economy in 2018/19 and supporting nearly 250,000 jobs nationally.

The most recent data from English Australia shows that in 2018 nearly 180,000 students studied English in language colleges, schools, institutions and universities in Australia, with two thirds studying on a student visa.

The Australian Government is committed to supporting the sustainable growth of the English language teaching sector.

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment (the department) has developed a draft English Language Teaching International Engagement Strategy 2025 outlining how the Australian Government will support the English language teaching sector to deliver on its enormous international potential.

The strategy builds on the sector’s existing strengths and achievements with a view to further enhancing Australia’s competitive and comparative advantages in the global provision of English language teaching.

This draft strategy has been developed in close consultation with English Australia. The department thanks English Australia for their valuable input and collaboration throughout the process, and thanks those individuals and organisations who participated in consultations and workshops.

The department invites stakeholder comments on the suitability of the objectives, actions and measures of success as outlined in the draft strategy.

The deadline for submissions has been extended to11:59pm, AEDT, 30 June 2020.