English Language Learning for Indigenous Children (ELLIC)


The Australian Government has committed $5.9 million from 2017-18 to 2020-21 to trial a series of applications to be used in preschool to improve English literacy outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children for whom English is a second language.

Children will access the apps on tablet devices supported by educators who have been trained on how to integrate ELLIC into the preschool's learning program.

The ELLIC program will have children’s apps as well as a family app and an educator app.

Consultations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities will inform best approaches for learning in order to develop the program, as well as culturally relevant content.

The trial will be run for two calendar years over 2019 and 2020 in at least 20 preschools, focusing on regional and remote areas.

ELLIC will better support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children to be successful learners. It will be designed to improve English language proficiency for children entering preschool with little or no exposure to English language.

ELLIC supports the Australian Government's commitment to Closing the Gap in literacy achievement between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and non-Indigenous children.

For more information

Further information will be added to this webpage in the future, as ELLIC is developed.

For specific queries, please email EllicEnquiries@education.gov.au.