CCCF Priority Areas for Round 3

The department has identified a list of priority areas that experience particularly high levels of disadvantage compared to most other communities. 

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We use the Australian Statistical Geography Standard Statistical Area 2 level (SA2) mesh block to identify priority areas. The priority areas list is based on Australian Early Development Census, Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas, and Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data. 

Instructions for locating the SA2 where a service operates

Visit the ABS website to find the name of the SA2 area your service operates in:

  1. Go to the Census Geography Map Selection page.
  1. Select the '2016' option under 'Census year'
  1. Select the 'AddressSearch' option under 'Advanced search'.
  1. Enter the full address of the service and press 'Go'.
  1. In the 'results' field, scroll down and select the 'Statistical Areas Level 2(SA2)' option.

The name of the SA2 area and the boundary line will be displayed above the 'Statistical Areas Level 2(SA2)' text in the 'Results' and the boundary of the SA2 will be highlighted on the map.

The CCCF Priority Areas Round 3 list is for CCCF Round 3 applications only. This list is not for use in other CCCF programs at this time.

List of CCCF Priority Areas for Round 3