Data and research

Data analysis and research are key components of a national education evidence base that help governments deliver effective, evidence-based policy and programs.

All levels of governments make a significant investment in school education and share a collective interest in improving schooling outcomes to support young Australians to reach their full potential.

The Australian Government holds key national data collections, including the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data on Students with Disability, and information about non-government schools. While the Australian Government holds some education data, the majority of detailed education data is owned by states and territories. This evidence base is used to inform policy advice on a range of issues such as how to best support students with disability.

The National Assessment Program helps all governments, education authorities and schools to determine if young Australians are meeting important educational outcomes.

The Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) collects, analyses and reports statistical information about schooling. ACARA's work in this area is intended to guide and inform the use and publication of data generated in the process of measuring the performance of schooling in Australia. 

The National Assessment Program data helps inform the My School website, which is maintained by ACARA. My School provides parents and the community with nationally consistent data about Australian schools. The department works with ACARA and jurisdictions to refine and enhance the website, through identifying meaningful performance measures and improving the interpretability, comparability, usability and presentation of data.

The department contributes to Report on Government Services which provides performance information on government-funded school education in Australia.

The department also contributes to the Annual National Report on Schooling in Australia (ANR), which describes the national policy and reporting context for school education in Australia. The ANR reports against nationally agreed key performance measures, including student participation, student achievement in national assessments, and student transitions to further education and work.

For more information on the Government's vision for schooling in Australia, visit the Quality Schools page.