COVID-19 in Northern Territory: what Katherine lockdown means for child care

This content was published on Friday 26 November 2021. There may be more recent updates available.

Support is available for services and families affected by the COVID-19 lockdown in Katherine in the Northern Territory

Details about the lockdowns are on the NT Government COVID-19 response website.

Business continuity payments

Services in Katherine may be eligible for a business continuity payment if they meet conditions for the period 15 November to 12 December 2021.

We’ll contact eligible providers. We’ll use the provider-level email address listed in the Child Care Subsidy System.

See the Viability Support Package Guidelines for more information on these conditions.

See the Early childhood COVID-19 support by region for further information.

Waiving gap fees

Services in Katherine can waive gap fees for children who do not attend care during lockdown. If they receive business continuity payments, they must waive the gap fee for children who do not attend.

Services that waive gap fees must accurately reflect this in a family’s statement of entitlement.

See the Early childhood COVID-19 support by region for more information on waiving gap fees.

COVID-19 absences

Additional allowable absences are available to families who live or attend care in Katherine.

Services don’t need to do anything to access these absences. They will be automatically applied in the Child Care Subsidy System.

See the Early childhood COVID-19 support by region for more information on available absences.

General support

Families have 10 extra allowable absences per child for the 2021–22 financial year. This brings the total number of allowable absences available to 52.

Until 30 June 2022, services can waive gap fees and get Child Care Subsidy (CCS) if a child is unable to attend care because:

  • they, or a member of their immediate household, must isolate due to COVID-19
  • the service, or a room at the service, is closed on advice from the state or territory government due to COVID-19
  • the state or territory has restricted access to child care in a region due to COVID-19.

Visit the COVID-19 information for the early childhood education and care sector for more information.