Community Child Care Fund

The Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) was announced as part of the new child care package, that is designed to make the child care system more affordable, more accessible, more flexible and targeted to those who need it most.

The Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) open competitive grant opportunity application period opened on 23 August 2017. More information, including how to apply, is provided below.

The CCCF is a key component of the Australian Government's new Child Care Safety Net that contributes to giving the most vulnerable children a strong start in life, while supporting parents into work.

Under the CCCF, eligible child care services will be able to apply for supplementary funding through a grants program to:

  • reduce the barriers in accessing child care, in particular for disadvantaged or vulnerable families and communities
  • provide sustainability support for child care services experiencing viability issues
  • provide capital support to increase the supply of child care places in areas of high unmet demand.

The expected outcomes of the CCCF are to:

  • improve early childhood development outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged children
  • increase workforce participation by vulnerable and disadvantaged families.

Key grant opportunities under the CCCF are:

  • Open competitive (for eligible approved child care services)
  • Restricted non-competitive (for specified services)
  • Connected Beginnings

The Australian Government has committed $61.8 million under the CCCF to support Budget Based Funded (BBF) services to transition into the new child care arrangements, as well as to support services to meet the costs of expanding to increase Indigenous children's participation in early education and care. Current BBF services delivering child care will be able to access the CCCF via the restricted non-competitive grant process.

CCCF open competitive grant opportunity

The CCCF open competitive grant opportunity application period is open and will close at 2:00pm AEDST on 5 October 2017.

Details and guidelines for this grant opportunity are available on the Australian Government's GrantConnect website. To apply under this grant opportunity please download the application pack from the Community Grants Hub's website. The pack includes a link to the application form, questions and answers, and other relevant information.

Eligibility to apply under this grant opportunity

To be eligible to apply under this grant opportunity applicants must be:

  1. an approved provider of an approved child care service; AND
  2. an organisation which is either:
    1. seeking funding for an approved child care service operating in a priority area (list of priority areas); OR
    2. seeking funding for an approved child care service currently in receipt of funding under the department's Community Support Program.

Further details regarding service and provider eligibility are outlined in Section 3 of the grant opportunity guidelines available on the GrantConnect website.

Priority Areas for the open competitive grant opportunity.

Instructions for locating a SA2

To find the name of the SA2 area your service is located in, you can go to the Australian Bureau of Statistics website:

  1. Go to the 2011 Census Geography Map Selection page.
  2. Select the ‘2011’ option under ‘Census year’
  3. Select the 'AddressSearch' option under 'Advanced search'.
  4. Enter the full address of the service and press 'Go'.
  5. In the 'results' field, scroll down and select the SA2 option.

The name of the SA2 area and the boundary line will be displayed.

If services would like further information regarding this grant opportunity, they should contact the Community Grants Hub Hotline on 1800 020 283 or

Child Care Services Grant Application Support Resource

The department has developed a grant application support resource that may be useful for child care services intending to apply under the CCCF open competitive grant opportunity which closes at 2:00 pm (AEDT) on 5 October 2017.

The Community Grants Hub has also published information to support applicants with the application writing process. Download A guide to supporting your grant application.

CCCF restricted non-competitive grant

The CCCF restricted non-competitive grant opportunity is expected to open soon.

Other information

Funding for both the open competitive grant opportunity and the restricted non-competitive grant opportunity is expected to be available to successful applicants from July 2018.

Please continue to check this webpage for updates on the CCCF grant opportunities.