Community Child Care Fund

The CCCF is part of the child care package, providing grants to child care services to reduce barriers to accessing child care, particularly in disadvantaged, regional and remote communities.

Grants awarded under the CCCF will:

  • support child care services to address barriers to participation, in particular in disadvantaged communities
  • provide sustainability support for child care services experiencing viability issues
  • provide capital support to increase the supply of child care places in areas of high unmet demand.

Key grant opportunities under the CCCF are:

Community Child Care Fund Business Support

Business Support is a free business review and advice service that is available to child care services experiencing financial viability and/or sustainability issues, particularly in disadvantaged or vulnerable communities.

Further information and resources are available at Community Child Care Fund Business Support

Other relevant documents

The Child Care Provider Handbook is written for providers of early learning and child care. It is a guide to the requirements and responsibilities of child care providers and services that are approved under Family Assistance Law.

The Additional Child Care Subsidy is a top up payment in addition to the Child Care Subsidy which will provide targeted additional fee assistance to families and children facing barriers in accessing affordable child care.