Child Swapping


'Child swapping' is the practice where a Family Day Care educator, or their partner, receives child care payments from the Government for a session of Family Day Care provided to their child on the same day that they themselves provide Family Day Care for another child.

In other words, some Family Day Care operators were 'swapping' their children between each other to receive child care payments from the Government.

Child swapping goes against the intention of child care payments. So, the Australian Government made changes to the law to end the practice, to make the child care fee assistance system fairer.

The changes applied from 12 October 2015, with further changes applied from 13 March 2017. They affect approved Family Day Care services and individuals entitled to child care fee assistance payments who were child swapping.

This measure is an important step in the Government's strategy to address non-compliance and improve practice in the sector. It complements the legislative changes introduced in 2016 and 2017 to improve integrity, transparency, strengthen child safety and apply conditions consistently across the states and the Commonwealth.

Further information

The following documents provide further information regarding the child swapping integrity measure: