Child Care Subsidy System


The Child Care Subsidy System provides a simple and easy to user interface for families and child care providers.

Child Care Subsidy System

The Child Care Subsidy System (CCSS) provides a simple and easy to use interface for families and child care services. The CCSS is designed to manage the payment and administration of the Child Care Subsidy, including accepting actual attendance times which are mandatory from 14 January 2019. 


To make Child Care Subsidy claims and view the status of their claims, families will be able to go to and sign in to access their Centrelink online account. If they do not have a myGov account, they can create one and link it to their Centrelink online account.

Third party software

Third party software may still be used to access the CCSS. Third party software will in many cases provide additional features that are not available through the Provider Entry Point. The vast majority of Providers use third party software to take advantage of the business features available in third party software. 

A list of registered CCSS software is available from the Department of Education, Skills and Employment website.

Provider Entry Point

The CCSS includes a Provider Entry Point, which serves as a portal for access to information and must be used to apply for approval as a Provider. The Provider Entry Point also provides basic functionality to provide information under family assistance law for the payment of child care subsidies. This includes the ability to report actual attendance times manually. The Provider Entry Point does not provide financial and management features that Child Care Providers use to run their businesses.

Community Grants Hub – Child Care Grant Programs

The Community Grants Hub will be available from 2 July 2018. Child care providers will be able to use the Community Grants Hub to access child care grant programs, including the Community Child Care Fund. The existing Inclusion Support Portal has been modified to also support child care providers to make claims.

Child care providers will continue to be supported through dedicated help desk facilities for service and technical issues.


A range of information resources are available to assist providers understand the details of the Child Care Subsidy System, including the Child Care Subsidy System – Fact Sheet.