Child Care Services Support Programme

Child care service providers may get financial help from the Australian Government through the Child Care Services Support Programme.

The Child Care Services Support Programme provides financial assistance to child care service providers to improve access to child care for children, families and communities. It complements the help given to eligible families through the Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate.

The Child Care Services Support Programme focuses upon specific areas of child care through the following Programmes:

  • Community Support Programme - this programme provides a range of payments direct to eligible child care service providers with the aim of improving access to child care, especially in areas where the market or services might otherwise be unviable, or where culturally appropriate services are required.
  • Inclusion and Professional Support Programme (IPSP) - a programme┬áthat promotes and maintains high quality care and inclusion for all children in eligible child care services, by facilitating skill development of educators and increasing the capacity of child care services through the provision of professional development, advice and inclusion support.