Child Care Safety Net

The Child Care Safety Net is being progressively rolled out from July 2016 and aims to give the most vulnerable children a strong start, while supporting parents into work.

It has three components:

  • Additional Child Care Subsidy
  • Community Child Care Fund
  • Inclusion Support Programme

Additional Child Care Subsidy – July 2018

The Additional Child Care Subsidy is a top up payment in addition to the Child Care Subsidy.

Extra support for

Additional subsidy

Children at risk of serious abuse or neglect; grandparent principal carers on income support; families experiencing temporary financial hardship

A subsidy equal to 100 per cent of the actual fee charged (up to 120 per cent of the hourly fee cap), up to 100 hours of assistance per fortnight

Parents transitioning to work from income support

A subsidy equal to 95 per cent of the actual fee charged (up to 95 per cent of the hourly fee cap), hours of assistance determined by the activity test

Community Child Care Fund (CCCF) – July 2018

Under the CCCF, child care services  will be able to apply for supplementary funding through a grants program to:

  • reduce the barriers in accessing child care, in particular for disadvantaged or vulnerable families and communities
  • provide sustainability support for child care services experiencing viability issues
  • provide capital support to increase the supply of child care places in areas of high unmet demand.

$61.8 million of the CCCF will provide a third funding stream for Budget Based Funded services to ensure their viability in the new system. This is in addition to the Child Care Subsidy and the Additional Child Care Subsidy.

Further information on the CCCF is available.

Connected Beginnings – July 2016

As part of the CCCF, the Connected Beginnings program commenced in July 2016. The program will provide for the integration of child care, maternal and child health, and family support services in a number of Indigenous communities experiencing disadvantage, as recommended by Andrew Forrest in his review of Indigenous jobs and training - Creating Parity.

Further information on Connected Beginnings is available.

Inclusion Support Programme – July 2016

The Inclusion Support Programme assists mainstream services to improve their capacity and capability to provide inclusive practices and address barriers to participation for children with additional needs, particularly children with disability.

Further information on the Inclusion Support Programme is available.