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What systems do providers need to set up to administer child care subsidies?

Providers need to have systems and hardware in place to:

  • record attendance and absences
  • provide Statements of Entitlement, invoices and receipts
  • action employee background checks, complaints and other matters.

A number of companies have developed and can provide approved third-party software. List of approved registered third-party software providers (

Some third-party software will manage these records, and interact with the Child Care Subsidy System. The type of system a provider uses for service management and record keeping is a business decision. Providers will need to decide what kind of system works best for the type and size of child care service they plan to operate.

Providers may wish to wait until their application for provider approval has been assessed and approval granted before investing in third-party software.

For more information about the reports and notifications that providers will need to submit or produce, and why and when they are required, see: