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Updating arrangements and enrolment notices

Updating a Complying Written Arrangement

Where there are certain changes to the arrangement for care between the provider and an individual, the provider must update the arrangement in writing (electronic or hardcopy).

When the provider must update an enrolment notice

The provider must update an enrolment notice if:

  • the individual disagrees with detail/s of an enrolment, and the provider agrees an update is required
  • an arrangement for care is varied, at the request or in discussion with the individual (and this has been reflected in the Complying Written Arrangement)
  • the provider otherwise becomes aware that the information originally provided in an enrolment is (or becomes) incorrect - whether at the time of or after the enrolment notice was created
  • the arrangement for care ends (note that if the enrolment notice included an arrangement end date (which is not mandatory) and the arrangement ends on that date, no update is needed).

An enrolment must be updated within seven days of the change or event to which the update relates.

In practice, the provider will update an existing notice through third-party software or the Provider Entry Point by editing the field/s where details have changed, leaving the remaining fields unchanged, and submitting the update.

Parent notification when enrolment is updated

The individual will receive notification whenever their enrolment is updated but will usually not be required to confirm updates. They can review the updated details, and may disagree with the update if they believe it does not reflect the terms of the Complying Written Arrangement. The provider will be notified if an individual disputes an update to an enrolment.

Where an individual disagrees with one or more parts of the enrolment, Child Care Subsidy will not be paid for subsequent sessions of care submitted for that enrolment (after the disagreement occurs) but will be processed once the dispute is resolved. An individual can disagree with parts of an enrolment at any time (not just when a new enrolment is created), through their Centrelink online account.

Ceasing enrolments

Where an enrolment has an end date, the provider will be notified through the Child Care Subsidy System four weeks before that date. If care is going to continue under the arrangement, the enrolment must be updated, or else it will cease.

An enrolment is taken to have ceased for Child Care Subsidy purposes if the child does not attend a session of care for eight continuous weeks. The provider will be notified after four weeks of no sessions of care being reported. If care is going to continue, but the child will not be returning to care for eight weeks or more, a new Complying Written Arrangement and enrolment notice will be required.

Re-establishing a Complying Written Arrangement with a parent in these circumstances may be streamlined. For example, a provider and parent could review the previous Complying Written Arrangement, confirm that it will apply to the upcoming enrolment period, and update any details if necessary (for example, if fees have increased, or the parent requires different sessions of care). This would need to be done in writing such as by an exchange of emails or through a software system. The provider would then need to submit a new enrolment notice for the upcoming enrolment period.

If a provider submits absences after a child's last physical attendance, any Child Care Subsidy / Additional Child Care Subsidy paid for these absences will be recovered. This applies to enrolment notices which are automatically ceased by the Child Care Subsidy System, or where the provider ceases an enrolment notice by updating it with an arrangement end date.