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7 Record keeping and notifications

Records that all providers must keep

To maintain approval, providers must keep certain records and notify the Department of Education and Training of certain events. Failure to keep these records and provide the required notifications can result in suspension or cancellation of provider or service approvals, or other penalties.

All providers must keep and maintain the following records:

  • complaints made to the provider, or to any of the services of the provider, relating to compliance with the Family Assistance Law
  • record of attendance for each child for whom care is provided (regardless of eligibility for Child Care Subsidy and/or Additional Child Care Subsidy, including records of any absences from care)
  • statements or documents demonstrating that Additional absence days in excess of the initial 42 absence days meet the criteria
  • copies of invoices and receipts issued in relation to the payment of child care fees
  • copies of all Statements of Entitlement issued and any statements issued to advise of a change of entitlement.

Providers must also keep a written record of the following, even if they would not otherwise record them in writing:

  • any notice given to a state or territory body about a child at risk of abuse or neglect
  • copies of the evidence and information provided with an application for approval about persons with management or control of a provider and persons responsible for the day‑to‑day operation of a service
  • any evidence or information produced to obtain police checks and working with children checks for personnel and to support any statements about these checks in an application for provider or service approval.

Written records include records that are made and stored electronically, as long as they are stored safely and any changes, apart from incidental changes related to their storage and display, are also recorded.

Providers must keep written records of all Required background checks for all specified personnel.

Records must be kept for seven years.