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3 Enrolling children

The purpose of enrolment

The enrolment of children is an important step for approved child care providers. It is a requirement under Family Assistance Law for all children who attend child care (or have an arrangement for care) to have an enrolment notice regardless of their Child Care Subsidy eligibility status. For those eligible individuals and children, entitlement determinations will not occur without the correct enrolment in place. An enrolment links:

  • the child
  • the family (the individual)
  • the child care service.

Providers must submit an 'enrolment notice' in the Child Care Subsidy System to indicate when they have entered into an arrangement with an individual or organisation and a child is enrolled. Once a provider has submitted an enrolment notice, they are also required to report attendance for that child (see Session reports are submitted by the provider ).

Providers may need to create multiple enrolment notices for a child if there is more than one arrangement to provide care to that child, for example, where either:

  • a child is considered a dependent child of two families, such as when separated parents share the care of a child, or
  • the fees for some sessions of care provided to a child are paid for by a third party (such as an employer) and for other sessions by the parent(s).