Streamlining provider approval process

We are working to make it simpler to become an approved early childhood education and care provider.

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Current process

Prospective early childhood education and care providers must follow two application and approval processes – one Commonwealth process, and the other a state or territory one.

The primary role of the Australian Government in the approval process is to ensure the provision of financial assistance to families and to encourage workforce participation.

State and territory regulatory authorities are responsible for approving, monitoring and the quality assessment of services in their jurisdiction.

This two-way system, therefore, has created some duplication of paperwork and processing.

For example, providers must submit the same information and evidence, and undergo similar tests for fitness and propriety, to two separate portals.

The streamlining work aims to reduce this duplication and reduce the administrative burden on providers.

Consultation period

In November 2020, we released a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement, which explores and discusses improvements.

This statement assesses the impact of potential changes in regulation. A regulation is any rule endorsed by government where there is an expectation of compliance.

We invited anyone with an interest in streamlining the approval process to provide feedback on the paper.

This consultation closed on 8 January 2021.

What happens next?

Feedback provided will be used for future decision making.