Child Care in Australia

The Australian Government is investing additional funding into the Child Care Package to provide more support for families. Implemented on 2 July 2018, it represents the most significant change to the early childhood and care system in 40 years.

The Australian Government is committed to providing parents with more choice and opportunity to work, and more children with the opportunity to benefit from high quality early education and care. The Child Care Package provides genuine and much needed reform to make child care more affordable, accessible and flexible.

The Child Care in Australia quarterly report presents information about the child care sector in Australia. This is based on data from the child care system that was implemented in July 2018. The reports are available below. Data relating to the previous child care subsidy arrangements are also still available.

Caution should be taken when using Indigenous figures (for September quarter 2018 to September quarter 2019) as the Department is currently reviewing the methodology of Indigenous identification.