AEA Innovate Guideline Consultation

The Australian Government has commenced drafting the Australia’s Economic Accelerator (AEA) Innovate Guideline and is calling on higher education providers, university peak bodies, industry and government stakeholders to share their views and advice on the development of the program.

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AEA is a program which supports collaboration between university research teams and industry, to take research results closer to commercial reality. Innovate focuses on mid-stage research commercialisation grants of up to $5 million. This is the point at which a prototype has been demonstrated to work, at a pre-commercial scale, in an operational environment.

Interested parties are invited to contribute their perspectives on the finalisation of the program, including program design, eligibility, industry partnership and Intellectual Property.

Please email your submission to the Department of Education at using the Response Document.  

Submissions should not exceed 1,500 words.
Submissions closed 23.59 AEST Wednesday 3 May 2023.

Please advise whether you consent to your submission being made publicly available when submitting. Submissions which do not state that they can be made publicly available will not be published on the Department’s website.

Draft AEA Innovate Guideline for Consultation
AEA Innovate Consultation Response Document



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