Australian Competitive Grants Register

The ACGR lists schemes that provide competitive research grants to higher education providers (HEPs). The income HEPs receive from ACGR listed schemes can be reported in Category 1 of the Research Income Return – Return 1 of the Higher Education Research Data Collection. The income HEPs receive from schemes listed on the ACGR is a metric used to inform the allocation of the Australian Government’s Research Block Grants (RBG).

Starting from the 2017 ACGR the process for applying to the ACGR has been separated between those who seek to extend an ACGR listed scheme and those seeking to list new schemes on the ACGR.

2017 ACGR (for funding received in 2016)

A full listing of schemes included on the 2017 ACGR is available.

Note: All schemes are notionally listed on the ACGR for 5 years unless otherwise stated.  However, schemes that terminate earlier and no longer disburse funding will be removed as appropriate.  Scheme managers must ensure that at all times the respective schemes continue to comply with all ACGR selection criteria. Selection criteria for listing are available in the 2017 ACGR Application for New Listing Form and Explanatory Notes.


For more information regarding the eligibility of a funding scheme for listing on the ACGR, email: with "ACGR" as the subject line.