Australian Apprenticeships Access Programme

The closure of the Australian Apprenticeships Access Programme was announced as part of the 2014 Federal Budget.

From June 2014, the Access Programme has been closed to new participants. Jobseekers who commenced in the Access Programme up until 30 June 2014 continued to receive Access Programme services until the end of the service provision period of 30 June 2015.

The Access Programme provided vulnerable job seekers with pre-vocational training, job search assistance and post-placement support to help them find and keep an Australian Apprenticeship, or to enter employment or further education or training.

The training was accredited and delivered by Registered Training Organisations. This training covered basic vocational skills for a particular industry as well as general employability skills such as communication, time management, team work and occupational health and safety.

Programme evaluation

The Access Programme was evaluated in 2013 by Ernst and Young. The evaluation found that, since 2009, the Access Programme had struggled to achieve the programme’s target of 40 per cent of participants achieving employment or education outcomes. Outcome rates had dropped to 26 per cent for 2009-10 and 27 per cent in 2010-11.

View the Australian Apprenticeships Access Programme Review - Final Report February 2013