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APEC Researcher Mobility Workshop

As part of Australia’s commitment to increasing cross border research cooperation, the Department of Education and Training hosted the APEC Researcher Mobility Workshop on 1 – 2 December 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The workshop provided a forum to discuss and identify ways of promoting and supporting the mobility of research students and researchers and of enhancing research innovation.

Key issues that were explored included the APEC policy context; the role of research in powering economic growth; and strategies to increase researcher mobility, build institutional partnerships and ensure integrity in researcher mobility.  The workshop report contains a number of recommendations regarding practical actions that could be undertaken by APEC economies to overcome barriers to researcher mobility.

The workshop responded to the direction given by APEC Economic Leaders in the 2012 and 2013 APEC Economic Leaders’ Declarations. In 2012 education was recognised as the pre-eminent source of economic growth in the 21st century, and APEC Ministers and officials were instructed to progress the cross-border education cooperation agenda. The workshop also built on the 2014 APEC University Associations Cross-Border Education Cooperation Workshop, which identified the need for a project focused on researcher mobility.

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Workshop Documents

APEC University Associations Cross-Border Education Cooperation Workshop

The Department of Education held the APEC University Associations Cross-Border Education Cooperation Workshop in Kuala Lumpur on 20–22 May 2014. The workshop brought together university associations from APEC economies to share information and experiences, gather and canvass ideas, and collaborate on cross-border education (CBE) cooperation.

The workshop enabled university associations to share experiences in mobility and discuss how to support and pursue the APEC Leaders’ priorities on CBE cooperation. Delegates examined ways to progress priority areas identified by leaders for enhancing mobility and discuss engagement within their respective economies’ university sectors to gain support for CBE initiatives among APEC economies. The workshop identified initiatives and projects that might be undertaken in the near and mid-term and lay the foundation for long-term collaboration across regional and individual economies’ university associations.

Workshop Documents