Whole-of-government Parliamentary Workflow Solution


The Parliamentary Workflow Solution (PWS) is hosted by the department and provides a whole of government solution with standards and processes for managing parliamentary records such as ministerial correspondence, briefs and submissions.

Over the last four years the department has worked collaboratively with the Department of Finance, which oversees the governance and funding arrangements. In 2015–16, the department achieved its final milestone in the four-year program to transition designated agencies across to the PWS.

The remaining agencies, the departments of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Defence transitioned in 2015–16. By June 2016, 106,000 registered users from 51 agencies had processed more than 993,000 records. The PWS was the first initiative of its kind to implement a whole-of-government, shared solution and is expected to save the Government $30 million over 10 years. The successful completion of the PWS roll-out is leading the way for other whole of government activities, including governance and stakeholder management.