Guide to ACCS (child wellbeing)

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The Guide to ACCS (child wellbeing) contains information for child care providers and services involved in the administration of ACCS (child wellbeing).

The Guide to ACCS (child wellbeing) outlines how and under which circumstances providers can access ACCS (child wellbeing), how to make an ACCS (child wellbeing) referral and which information is required for the Department of Human Services to assess applications for ACCS (child wellbeing) determinations.

Evidence requirements to support an Additional Child Care Subsidy (child wellbeing) application to help providers gain relevant evidence from third parties in support of an Additional Child Care Subsidy (child wellbeing) application for a determination.

The statutory declaration can be used to support an application for an ACCS (child wellbeing) determination where the provider has been unable to source third party evidence.

The application form can be used to request a higher ACCS (child wellbeing) percentage limit. Increases to the percentage limit are only granted in exceptional circumstances.

ACCS (child wellbeing) webcast information session video: This session was held on Wednesday 27 March 2019.

ACCS (child wellbeing) Webcast information session presentation slides: This session was held on Wednesday 27 March 2019

Request for the Secretary to determine a child meets the Immunisation Requirements for Additional Child Care Subsidy (child wellbeing) – provider eligible form