Accessing and using FSAT

The Department of Education and Training invites users such as registered training organisations (RTOs) and senior secondary schools (for Year 11 and 12 students studying vocationally-oriented programs) to use the Foundation Skills Assessment Tool (FSAT).

Accessing FSAT

The registration manual provides information on how to register your organisation for an FSAT account. It should be read prior to proceeding with registration.

FSAT can be accessed via the following link:

On first accessing this page, relevant organisations will be asked to complete a registration process, including agreement to the applicable Terms and Conditions. Once registration is confirmed, organisations will be able to generate log-ins for test candidates and access a range of user support materials.

Using FSAT: Administrators

The FSAT Quick Start Guide provides initial advice on how to use FSAT. Organisations that have successfully completed the registration process for FSAT have access to additional and more detailed resources when logged in.

An important decision for administrators to make in setting up an assessment test is the commencement level, with Form 2 (medium level) being the recommended commencement point for the majority of assessments. More information is available on the Where to start learners using fact sheet .

A series of videos on how to use FSAT is found on the Resources for using the Foundation Skills Assessment Tool page. These videos provide a step-by-step guide showing organisations how to register for and utilise FSAT.

Using FSAT: Test Users (Individuals)

On first logging in, test users will be asked to create a new password, complete demographic information, declare that they will complete all tests without external assistance, accept privacy and copyright conditions and consent to the sharing of certain personal information in clearly-defined circumstances.

Further information on the collection, use and protection of personal (individual/test user) information is detailed in Frequently Asked Questions.

Feedback on FSAT

Feedback from all users (organisations and learners) on any aspect of accessing and using FSAT is welcomed and encouraged. Feedback should be emailed to:

Frequently Asked Questions

Access Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about how FSAT can assist stakeholders and to understand important conditions and caveats regarding its use during its further development.