Inclusion Support Portal Information

The new Inclusion Support (IS) Portal is a user-friendly, simplified web-based application to facilitate child care services’ interaction with the Inclusion Support Programme. It provides step-by-step guidance for early childhood and child care (ECCC) services to complete an online Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP) and access funding available through all streams of the Inclusion Development Fund (IDF).

Access to the IS Portal

Child care services who require access to the IS Portal should contact their Inclusion Agency (IA) who can enable this. Once a user has been provided access to the IS Portal, they will then be able to provide access for other users in their service through the IS Portal.

Before requesting access to the IS Portal, all users must meet the following requirements:

  • Each user must be identified as a ‘key’ or ‘authorised’ person on their personnel record in their Child Care Management System (CCMS). They must have an email address that is unique to the individual and saved on the individual’s personnel record in CCMS.
  • Each user must be registered with a standard AUSkey. AUSkey is a secure login that identifies the individual when participating in government online services on behalf of business. Further information about AUSkey is available on the Australian Business Register website.

These requirements provide assurance that the individual is authorised to access the IS Portal and engage with ISP on behalf of the service. 

Contact details for the IDF Manager and IAs 

Login to new IS Portal:  IS Portal

ISP User Guide

An ISP User Guide is available to provide guidance to ECCC services, IAs and the IDF Manager about the ISP and IS Portal which supports the program’s delivery.

The user guide includes information about roles and responsibilities, the IS Portal, SIP, Inclusion Development Fund and Specialist Equipment.

The user guide will be updated from time to time to respond to and reflect issues identified during the implementation of the ISP.

FAQ Inclusion Support Portal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the IS Portal are available to assist ECCC services and Inclusion Agencies with commonly asked questions about the IS Portal. This FAQ may be amended at any time during the program to provide further clarity about the IS Portal.

Task cards for the Inclusion Support Portal

The following task cards provide step-by-step guidance for child care services and IAs when using the IS Portal.

For child care services:

For IAs:

Paper based forms

To support ECCC services that do not have access to appropriate technology, such as Budget Based Funded (BBF) services, paper based SIP and IDF application forms are available from the links below.

Support for IS Portal

The ISP Support Contacts Guide will assist child care services, IAs and the IDFM access the most appropriate support when using the IS Portal.