International Training and Assessment Courses


The international training and assessment courses are a set of internationally-relevant courses developed by the Australian industry and facilitated by the Australian Government, to help meet the global demand for skilled trainers and assessors. These courses leverage Australian expertise in delivering high quality training and assessment to a diverse range of international students, and that have been internationalised to suit the requirements of a global labour market. The courses provide Australian registered training organisations (RTOs) an opportunity to expand their delivery to offshore markets through products that meet a key area of demand in foreign technical vocational education and training TVET systems.

The courses complement the Australian Qualification Framework qualifications. However, they do not replace the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE). For example, if an organisation wishes to deliver full AQF qualifications then trainers and assessors must hold a current AQF Certificate IV TAE qualification.

The international training and assessment courses are designed to assist in building capacity of trainers and assessors; a key foundation of any successful training system.

There are three courses: TVET Trainer, TVET Assessor and TVET Advanced Trainer and Assessor.

  • The TVET Trainer Course provides learners with a vocational background the skills to train learners in their industry of expertise. Appropriately skilled trainers will have the confidence and capacity to make reasoned judgements when training, including adapting teaching materials and learning techniques to meet industry and learner needs.
  • The TVET Assessor Course provides learners with a vocational background the skills to assess learners in their
     industry of expertise.  Skilled assessors will help to meet the needs of industry and enterprises through assessing learners’ skills and knowledge for the workplace.
  • The TVET Advanced Trainer and Assessor Course provides learners with the skills to take up a leadership role within a training organisation, enterprise or industry. Learners in the advanced course are expected to take a strategic approach to TVET and have extensive knowledge of systems and processes, and be able to develop effective learning and assessment materials to improve professional practice in TVET. They will assume a critical role in the development of skilled workers, equipped with the knowledge and capability to help shape professional practice in the vocational education system. Students will have to complete the TVET Trainer and TVET Assessor courses prior to undertaking this course.

In completing a course specifically designed for an international context, learners will develop skills which prepare them for greater opportunities to participate in the globally-mobile skilled workforce.

All learners who successfully complete a course will be awarded a completion certificate carrying the Australian Government crest, the Australia Future Unlimited brand and the National Skill Development Corporation logo (India only). The Australian Government is working with national governments and relevant organisations to build understanding of how these courses can contribute to unlocking the potential of training systems by building a cohort of highly skilled trainers and assessors..

These courses offer Australian RTOs an opportunity to expand their opportunities to deliver training overseas, particularly through partnerships with industries and businesses. As many countries attempt to increase their skilled workforce, there is a greater demand for ‘train-the-trainer’ programs which meet the needs of the local workforce.

These courses offer different educational services tailored for the international context. They are designed as additional and alternative products to the range of Australian Qualifications and non-accredited courses already being delivered offshore. The courses are designed to be flexible and adaptable to the local context overseas.

International Training and Assessment Course pilot program

The pilot program took place throughout the Asia Pacific region through 2015 and 2016. The pilot involved delivery of the courses to learners from India, Saudi Arabia, China, the Solomon Islands. Latin America and South Korea.

The pilot has primarily been delivered in India, where the Australian Government has worked closely with the Indian National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to develop the course and to establish partnerships with federal and state government agencies, as well as local businesses and training providers.

How to get involved:

Australian RTOs can now apply to deliver the international training and assessment courses.

Program guidelines and an application form can be found here

Further information

More information on the three courses and their objectives can be found on the international training and assessment course factsheets:

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Program guidelines and an application form can be found here.