2018 National Priorities Pool — Commissioned projects

The Department of Education and Training is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from Table A providers for projects commissioned under the National Priorities Pool component of the Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP). The National Priorities Pool provides funding for projects that support the more effective implementation of HEPPP nationally and at the institutional level.

2018 National Priorities Pool — documents for the EOI process for Table A providers

2018 National Priorities Pool Guide for Applicants

The following EOIs are open to all Table A universities:

Commissioned Project Topic Funding amount

1. Low SES student deferrals

Up to $300,000

2. Success from the perspective of the successful: low SES students, success and completion in higher education

Up to $350,000

3. Admission and success for low SES university students

Up to $380,000

4. International literature review: equity in higher education

Up to $120,000

Detailed project scopes are included in the Guide for Applicants.

Expression of Interest templates:

  1. 2018 National Priorities Pool Expression of Interest - Part A
  2. 2018 National Priorities Pool Expression of Interest - Part B  
  3. 2018 National Priorities Pool - Part C (Declarations)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Applications must be coordinated and submitted through the Table A Administering Organisation's Research Office (or equivalent business unit with responsibility for contact with the Commonwealth concerning grants proposals under the organisation's grants policies).

The maximum number of EOIs permitted per commissioned project topic from one Administering Organisation is two. There is no limit on how many EOIs a higher education provider may be involved in as a non-administering partner organisation in a consortium.

You must submit your EOI to NPP submissions by no later than 6:00 pm Thursday 21 February 2019 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Late EOIs will only be accepted where exceptional circumstances are identified, and at the discretion of the Program Delegate. Requests to submit an EOI late must be addressed to the Program Delegate and submitted to equity@education.gov.au. Requests should be made prior to the deadline.

Enquiries should be directed to the Equity Inbox (Equity@education.gov.au).