2015 Review Submissions

The 2015 Review included a wide range of stakeholder consultations with education authorities, anti-discrimination bodies, education sector representative groups, disability advocacy groups, parent groups, and individuals. 

The review included roundtable consultations in all states and territories, including two regional areas. A dedicated website was established to encourage online discussion and the sharing of education experiences. 

Whilst a number of formal written submissions were received, not all writers provided consent for their submission to be published. The submissions for which consent has been provided have been published on this page. 

For some submissions, key details such as names and schools have been omitted to maintain individual privacy, as requested by the writer. 

If you provided a written submission to this review that does not appear below and you would now like it to be published, please contact the Students with Disability Policy Team at swdpolicyteam@education.gov.au.

List of submissions